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October 2020
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Stanley Chell 2020 Cancelled

We’ve received this information from Huw Edwards at Aberdare CC.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic Aberdare Camera Club has reluctantly decided to cancel the Stanley Chell 2020.

As a club we believe that the “SC” is, and always will be a “print” competition, best conducted with a live audience in attendence.

Unable to guarantee a safe enviroment with our usual high levels of hospitality, we have been forced to cancel.

We will endeavour to hold Stanley Chell in 2021.

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Les Loosemore – Zoom Presentations Updated

We’ve received this from Les Loosemore:-

Like many Judges and Presenters, I have tried to accommodate club requests for Zoom evenings to try and maintain some continuity of events during the shutdown. Accordingly, I have now prepared (as well as actively creating more), a number of Zoom Presentations. A list of his presentations can be seen here.


WPF 2020 Virtual Conference

Our thanks to Everybody who made the WPF 2020 Conference such an outstanding success.

The general theme was creativity and Speakers Bernard Geraghty, Ross McKelvey, Sharon Prenton Jones and Barry Barker brought insight, energy and enthusiasm with their unique brands of photography. They generously identified the people and places in their images. But more than that, they identified their equipment in detail – clothes, cameras, lenses, filters and software packages. In addition they demonstrated and explained their processes and settings and even reconstructed images. Every question was answered fully and freely.

WPF Members Gareth Martin, Ron Lines, Jenny Hibbert and Dennis Russ were given the almost impossible task of finding words to convey the contribution and impact made by the individual speakers in their presentations. President Peter Young had started the proceedings with a formal opening and explained the ambitions of the Conference while Vice President Jenny Hibbert summarised progress at the end of the first day. The President also closed the Conference and thanked all concerned including Jan Cawley a dedicated supporter of the Conference but now sadly departed.

We were pleased that the 100 attendees included PAGB representatives and Speakers from previous Conferences, Gordon Jenkins and Richard Speirs, together with visitors from all over the British Isles.  Record Conference goers Eirwyn and Margaret Johnson joined us in “receive-mode,” but most people engaged in the conversations and repartee in the Break-out rooms with our speakers and attendees from clubs both inside and outside the WPF umbrella.

The Conference working party consisted of Dave Condon, Ed Cloutman, Jan Cawley, Sue and John Surridge. Initially we planned for a meeting at Carmarthen but Covid19 scuppered that. Instead we harnessed the power of the Zoom package to create a Virtual Conference. Spread over 4 sessions per day for 2 days and watched from the comfort of their own homes, many had planned to dip in and out. However such was the sheer quality of the presentations that most reported they remained locked to their screens!

We thank you for the exceptional number of positive reports on facebook and club pages and also in personal emails. It is hoped that we may produce a video record of Conference but there are a number of hurdles to clear, these include consideration of the Intellectual property of the Speakers together with any Copyright music they may have used. The privacy of attendees and the content of breakout room channels also need to be addressed together with the technical and distribution issues.

We will keep you informed….

Finally may I again thank everyone for their support and invite you to join us for the WPF 2021 Conference wherever and however it is held!

David D Jones – for the WPF and Conference Working Party.

WPF Lockdown Slideshow & Archive

We have just had an enjoyable morning selecting this exhibition. Our thanks go to Ed Cloutman EFIAP Hon.FWPF and Roy Thomas APAGB Hon.FWPF for being the selectors.

I was pleased to press the buttons during the selection process which was undertaken using our new Zoom licence. Our thanks also go to Martin Nagle whose idea this was. We are grateful to the 101 entrants including 3 from England and 1 from each of Finland, India and Vietnam. The other 95 were from Wales.

Entrants were able to submit 3 entries each and we received 280 photographs to consider. Each entrant’s submission was considered and received 10 for his/her best entry – that gave us 101 acceptances. If present, the second best received 8 and third scored 6. There were 94 entries that scored 8 and 58 of those were selected for the exhibition and their scores were increased to 9. That all gives an exhibition of 159 photographs.

The gallery of accepted photographs can be found here and the catalogue appears here.

Peter A Young LRPS CPAGB AFIAP APAGB – WPF President

Ken Watkins

We have received this sad news from Gwynfa Camera Club.

Our friend and member Ken Watkins has passed away suddenly at his home in Beddau. We understand that his passing was not Covid related.

Ken was a member of our club for many years and during his time at the club occupied numerous committee positions, including Chairman and Treasurer. He also played a big part in promoting the social side of the club by organising annual bus trips to London: Trips that will long be remembered.

Ken was a succesful club photographer who won his fair share of competitions, most recently the 2016 Colin Williams Trophy. He always stayed true to his vision of photography, never feeling the need to compromise his style to gain a few marks extra.

He will also be remembered for having the pleasing knack of being able to put visiting speakers at their ease with an amusing comment.

The news has come as a very big shock and he will be sorely missed by everyone at the club.

Our thoughts are with his family.

Neath Salon News

We’ve received this from Colin Kelly of Neath PS.

We have had discussions with the three Selectors for this years Salon, about possibly going to an online remote system, two of the three selectors were unhappy about a remote selection and would prefer our usual method of a selection weekend. We are now abandoning the remote selection idea and will wait until the current restrictions have eased enough to enable us to have the three selectors in the club at the same time. This, of course, will have to conform to social distancing rules and will be done with the minimum of people involved. Hopefully we will be able to do this in the next 2 months, end of August or beginning of September.

All entrants will be advised of the new dates and times, as and when they arise.

Thank you for your patience, stay safe.

Colin Kelly – NDPS UK Salon 2020

2020 Welsh International Open

I am pleased to announce that the 42nd Welsh International Salon of Photography is open for entries. The entry deadline is 23rd August.

This year, because of the COVID-19 situation, we have converted our 2 print sections to digital.  Prints will be back!

There are 6 digital sections for Mono, Colour, Nature, Photojournalism, PhotoTravel and Scapes.   155 Awards are available to be won.

The rules are here and entries can be made here.

Peter A Young LRPS CPAGB AFIAP APAGB – Welsh International Chairman

PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit – News

As previously announced, there will be no adjudications open to an audience in 2020 and both the April & November adjudications will now be combined into one closed adjudication “hosted” by the PAGB, possibly early in 2021. The host rota has been put back one year so that the MCPF will now host the first open adjudication. Unfortunately the chosen venue is not available in April 2021 and we have agreed that the adjudication will now be held on 15 and 16 May 2021.

Everyone who has already entered should by now have opted for either the “closed” adjudication or for one of the dates in 2021. If you have not yet done so, please do not delay!

The May 2021 Adjudication still has openings at all three levels but, since 15 MPAGB applicants have been carried forward to Sunday 16 May, the DPAGB and MPAGB sections, both of which are held on Sunday, are likely to fill up quite soon.

Online Advisory Service: The Feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive but around one third of you have not responded, not even to tell me that you have completed. If I don’t hear from either side, then it is difficult for me to allocate anyone else to that Adviser, so I would be grateful if you will tell me when you have completed the exercise. Honest, polite, constructive feedback is always useful on both sides and I am always grateful to receive it. These online advisory arrangements have been a great success with over 150 1:1 sessions arranged. In the ongoing Covid-19 circumstances, we have decided to carry on offering advice until we can start to meet up again – or until the volunteers get tired. If you’d like advice from one of our volunteers, please e-mail me with your name and distinctions already achieved, your Club and Federation, the level being looked at and if you have applied or have been accepted for an Adjudication already. Can you also mention if your application will be primarily Nature. It will be helpful too, to know if you are applying in Print or PDI although we have no way of looking at your prints and can only advise on content, rather than the quality of the Print. I’ll then send you further details about the process and the name and e-mail of a possible adviser. In the meantime, I would suggest that you should read APM Leaflets 1 and 8 from the PAGB Library which will give you an idea of what to expect.

If you have any specific questions, please e-mail me, rather than the APM Secretary or anyone else. I may not be able to respond individually but I will provide answers through these Bulletins.

APM sub-committee Chairman, Rod Wheelans


Updated List of Online Judges & Lecturers

List last updated 12th October 2020.

Huge thanks to Susan Surridge, WPF Judges & Presenters Secretary who has taken considerable time and trouble to compile a list of WPF judges and lecturers who are prepared to do online judging or presenting during the current pandemic.

You can find the updated list here.

Online Speakers & Judges

When a judge or lecturer (I’ll call them speakers for convenience) is listed in the PAGB Handbook, he/she has entered into a compact with all the clubs affiliated to the Alliance. That compact says, in essence, that the speaker will give his/her time to the clubs for no remuneration. Reasonable expenses are payable and those are listed on pages 44 and 107 of the PAGB Handbook and on our website. In the main, they cover travelling expenses, subsistence and consumables. At no point are we seeking to make money by visiting a club. We do it because we feel that we want to give something back to the hobby that has given us so much enjoyment over the years. We want other clubs to benefit from what we have to say, even if it’s only the fun of pulling us to pieces in the pub after a meeting.

It is different for the relatively few lecturers who do make a charge. There is a note on page 44 regarding Expenses that says, “Please note – some lecturers will charge a fee, or additional expenses, over and above the PAGB expenses. “Lecturers who charge a fee or additional expenses are listed under a separate section at the foot of each federation’s entry. Lecturers who charge a fee of £50 or more are required to pay a one-off fee to the PAGB for their entry in each new edition of the handbook – currently £20 at the date of this edition – in return for which they are able to list additional information such as website, additional distinctions etc. Such additional lecturing fees must be agreed at the time of the booking.”

Covid-19 and the onset of online speaking have not changed any of that. The few who charge a fee may continue to charge a fee at the same level as before and the majority who may not charge a fee still may not charge a fee. Of course, no expenses are normally chargeable by the speaker either because there will have been no expenses.

It appears that some clubs feel that they should be paying something to an online speaker. Those clubs have no reason whatsoever to feel that way. Of course, there has never been any reason why a club may not make a gift to a speaker if they feel that they have been part of something special. That has also not changed in the current circumstances. While a fee is taxable, a gift is not. However, a request by the speaker for a gift turns it into a taxable fee. I understand that a post has been made on Facebook saying, “In my experience, nothing that is ‘free’ is ever valued.” Clearly the writer does not understand the system. I am aware of one Federation that has recommended that a club may make a gift of up to a certain sum of money. I’m not in favour of that. A recommended maximum will become a norm, not a maximum. Some clubs rely on their weekly subscriptions to cover the costs of an evening.

They will be unable to afford the new norm.

As a member of my own Federation said, “I always enjoy an e-mail of thanks or a signed card”.

Peter A Young LRPS CPAGB AFIAP APAGB – WPF President & PAGB Treasurer

Ace of Prints Cancelled

The Ace of Prints should have had a closing date of 21st June and a judging date of 5th July and we would normally now be sending out a formal reminder and a set of rules.

However, we have no option but to formally cancel the 2020 event.

We choose our 2 Clubs for the Blackburn event normally held in 3rd week of October and I believe that will be cancelled also; but If things change remarkably in the next couple of months and if I get an unlikely indication that the PAGB Club Print event is going ahead in October we can reconsider the situation at that time.

Whilst a PDI event could be considered to be run virtually via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google or other software this is not at all practical when it comes to dealing with prints as we would need the Judges, print handlers and at least one member of each Club taking part to be in attendance – and how and with what do we clean the prints between each handover?

Please accept my apologies for this necessary decision.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

Roy Thomas

RPS Talks & Workshops

The Royal Photographic Society is opeating lots of interesting events in the virtual world.

Details of their online workshops and live talks can be found here.

Inter-Club Print Championship News

The Inter-Club Print Championship is scheduled in Blackburn in October and is held in a school theatre. We don’t know yet if this will be available and if the event will be able to go ahead. Although some Federations have been unable to run the events which chooses their representatives, we will be opening the event for nominations soon.

The AGM of the PAGB was postponed and it is not yet possible to set a new date or venue.

No Warwick in 2020

I have been involved, for many years, working at, and subsequently running, the PAGB’s best attended live event at Warwick University and, as far as I am aware, this is the first ever to be cancelled.

Up to the middle of April the Arts Centre was closed until mid-May and when I contacted them on the 20th April that was still the case. However, on the 22nd April I received an email informing me that the decision had been made to extend the closure until mid-August and they would have to cancel our booking for the 11th July.

A sad day for the Inter-Club PDI Championship, as we already had the 8 Finalists from 2019 joining the battle, plus 12 Federations who had already nominated their 2 clubs, with a few days still to go to the closing date.

I then had to tell those 32 Clubs, the 3 judges and the PAGB Executive that our booking was cancelled. The Sponsors were also informed and, as you can imagine, they are very disappointed, especially after the Photography Show did not happen in March.

A light hearted comment from one club, who said that it was “obviously our turn to win and I should get the trophy engraved and send it to us!” Another club, who had qualified through their Federation for the first time, are very disappointed that they will miss their chance to appear on the Warwick Competitors list to do battle with all the other clubs.

We are working on a date for 2021. See you then.

Peter W Cheetham HonPAGB, Chair – PDI Championship Organising Committee.

Inter-Fed Comp & Exhibitions Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions that Covid-19 is placing on everyone, and the continued disruption to normal life that it is likely to continue to cause in the future, we would like to officially confirm that we have made the decision that it will not be possible to hold the Inter-Fed Competition and subsequent Exhibitions this year.

When we are able to gain access to the 2019 exhibition prints, (which are currently in storage, and were planned to be returned with this year’s returns after the competition judging), we will make a decision on the best course of action of how and when to return them back to the Federations. We hope to be able resume the competition in 2021.

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this unprecedented difficult time for everyone, and hope that you are keeping safe and well.

Jane Lines MPAGB BPE3* – Chair Inter-Fed Organising Committee.